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Client Reviews...
"Rand was phenomenal to work with through the difficult process of purchasing a HUD home. Despite the numerous obstacles including tax leans on the property, water utilities wanting payment, and many other things Rand safely walked us through the process. Even after the sale of the home he came over and shared his amazing contractor skills by helping us tile and put up wainscoting that look beautiful. It's been over a year since the purchase of our home and just yesterday he came over to give tips for cement and put us in touch with a guy to help with a bobcat. We couldn't have asked for better!"
   - Dave and Ali Wright/ Saratoga Springs
"Rand was very dedicated in selling our home and finding our new home. He is very personable and has become a good friend. I would recommend Rand to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."
   - Kim Daneals/ Lehi-Saratoga Springs
"Very professional, friendly and personal agent We enjoyed every second with Rand, He cares about his clients and helps them through every aspect of his business with his customers, either building or buying, he answered all our questions and was always willing to help with any issue or disagreement with the builder with such great professionalism. We truly appreciate his time and over the top business, we wholly recommend his services and if ever need it, we will contact him for future business."
   - Andre and Bi Bi Baggett/Saratoga Springs
"Five years ago Rand sold our old place for us and we received the amount that we wanted. He then negotiated the price for our new place and we were able to purchase and have some money remaining for other use. When it came time to move he was there helping with the move not only with his labor but also with his truck and trailer. We have a great regard for Rand and highly recommend him."
   - Lowell and Lois Jensen/ Saratoga Springs-Lehi
"Rand was excellent throughout our whole experience. First he was instrumental in finding the perfect buyer for our property that we felt would be a hard sell. Then he was able to help us find the perfect home in a great neighborhood within a constricted time frame and limited budget. Very knowledgeable about both real estate and property development. I really wish we had had him when we bought our first home. Very friendly, down to earth, considerate, and available to our needs. Rand 's experience as a builder/developer gives him a unique insight into helping you understand both your current property but also an emphasis into thinking ahead for resale or other future needs. Highly recommended!"
   - Jamie and Andrea Quinn/Provo-Eagle Mountain
"I have worked with Rand two times and it has been a great experience. He is very professional and is always looking for our best interest. I would recommend Rand to anyone looking to buy, he has a lot of experience and will find you the best deal"
   - Cris Casteneda/ American Fork-Eagle Mountain
"Rand has helped me purchase and sell many homes through the years. His many years of experience in real estate make him a superior choice. From the seasoned investor to first time home buyer, he takes the time with each client to truly understand their needs. His ability to negotiate on behalf of us as his clients and knowledge of the market enable him to make things happen when I thought it couldn't go through. I have referred him to many of my friends and family and they have received the same friendly, professional, and knowledgeable experience that I have had. He has gone above and beyond what was expected and is very quick to respond to my inquiries. I would highly recommend Rand Patterson."
   - Jacob and Cami Fleming/ Saratoga Springs
"Rand is a caring and professional agent. He assisted my family at every stage of the real estate sale & purchase and helped me to be comfortable rather than rushed with the decisions we needed to make."
   - Jesse Dean/ Saratoga Springs
"Rand has been very helpful and is quick to help, answer questions and always seems to be available. He seems very concerned about the customer, my family in this case, being satisfied and happy. He has made our experience seem easy."
   - Kathie Palmer/ Saratoga Springs
"Rand was great. Our home sold in just 4 days. He was very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He was easy to get a hold of and very responsive to our questions."
   - Vern Freeman/ Herriman
"We used Rand to sell our home last year. Rand was great to work with one huge advantage that Rand has over other agents is that he has an extensive background in residential construction and is able to notice/point out upgrades on homes that would normally go unnoticed. We highly recommend using Rand and would use Rand again for any future needs"
   - Judd and Ashlie Bundy/ Saratoga Springs
"The questions above pretty much decribe Rand Patterson. He is knowledgeable, responsive, possess' high technical skills, has a excellent understanding of the product along with extending his time, as needed and understanding the needs of the individual and or business."
   - Fred Palmer/ Saratoga Springs
"How great is it to have someone who has expertise, not in only finding a beautiful home, but also a great quality home? We found it really comforting knowing that, with his building background, Rand would be able to find us the perfect home and the best quality home! His background in building helped through the entire process. We bought a home and sold a home with his help! In my opinion, he is the best!"
   - Travis and Heidi Martinez/ Saratoga Springs
"If you are building or buying an existing home, you cannot afford to be without Rand’s deep understanding of real-estate, construction and finances. Some buyers don’t realize there is no cost to them when buying a new home. We were in the process of relocating from NY and trying to find a house remotely with occasional trips to Utah. Each visit, Rand cleared his calendar and spent countless hours showing us homes. When we could not find an existing house, we decided to build; something we have not done, and had no desire to do.. especially starting the process remotely. If not for Rand, we never would have considered it. His extensive background as a custom builder has proven invaluable. His construction insights and recommendations were spot on and time and time again he put people ahead of profit. He has proven to be an outstanding advocate in the buying/building process and good family friend we have come to trust. We highly recommend Rand. "
   - Dan and Trish Alessi/ Saratoga Springs
"We were SO impressed with Rand. I would recommend him 1000%. We were so blessed that we had him as our real estate guy. He absolutely went out of his way to help us find the exact home that we wanted taking special consideration into what our 17 year old daughter especially wanted. He absolutely found us the perfect house, especially for her! He put MANY hours into looking and showing us different homes. He went TOTALLY above and beyond once we were in our house. He put up all the blinds in our home; he helped with little things that needed fixed around the house--because he is/was a contractor there were things that he felt needed to be improved. Whoever works with him will be more than impressed. "
   - Kieth and Brook Robinson/Springville
"Rand is the kind of realtor that you want to have working for you. He gets emotionally involved in getting you what you are looking for. When things don't work out how you had hoped you can tell he doesn't have the indifferent well that's business attitude. He's a friend that cares about your individual needs. He doesn't force you to do things like a pushy car salesman. He gives his professional opinion and respects yours. He is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to realtors."
   - Andrew and Katia Hudson/Spanish Fork
"Rand is very personable. What you see is what you get. He is more of a friend than a realtor. And I've been comfortable working with him even though I am generally of the opinion that realtors get paid more than what they are entitled to. He is the first realtor I've run into that follows up and follows through - going out of his way to stay in touch and show an interest in our endevors and often offering to help as well. It is nice, too, that he has a construction background and a lot of experience working hard. I think it helps him to be less focused on making a quick buck and more inclined to work for what he gets. Besides all of this, he has a wonderful family and a wife who is as good and sincere, warm and friendly as he is."
   - Shane and Michelle Jones/ Provo
"Rand was exactly what we needed. We had our home listed with another realtor for six months and gave up on trying to sell it. Rand came and talked with us about the options that best suited our needs. He saw the true value of our home and told us that we had been trying to sell it for way less than it was worth. We listed it again with Rand and within three weeks sold it for what we wanted. Rand has extensive experience as a builder in the Utah County area which gives him an added set of skills that allow him to help prospective buyers see what they are getting. He is passionate and dedicated to helping both buyer and seller feel good about what they are getting. I would unreservedly recommend Rand Patterson to anyone who wants to sell or buy a home."
   - Brett and Cami Rush/ Saratoga Springs
"Rand's many years as a home builder enable him to help you take full advantage of every economic and asthetic home buying or home building opportunity."
   - Jeremy Plouzek/ Security Home Mortgage
"In the past five years I have not written a review of any agent. However having the opportunity to write one for Rand Patterson is a privilege. I had a very very complicated transaction that involved a bank……..another agent…….a builder that needed to be managed. Well Rand navigated it all. My family says thank you Rand!"
   - Tom Felt/ Alpine
"Rand is a very outgoing guy, he would go way out of his way to accommodate my wife and I schedule. Very knowledgeable in buying homes as well as the construction of the home. I would recommend Rand to anyone looking for an agent. I look forward to working with him again on my next purchase."
   - Dave and Brookley Stewart/ Payson
"Rand Patterson is a great agent who knows what he is doing. He has a way of getting things done and is very creative and knows how to negotiate. Never pressures and is very easy to work with. Did I mention he is very creative and has some great ideas. Rand helped us with getting construction financing when we were having problems. He lined us up with a great builder who saved us a lot of money. We would highly recommend Rand to anyone. You won't be disappointed."
   - Ken and Diane McGinnis/Satatoga Springs
"Rand Patterson was a big help giving us advice in directing us in buying our first home. We met Rand through my parents and after much consideration and looking at homes and finances we discovered it would be more beneficial to buy a larger 2 family home with my parents which would give us more equity in the future for our next home. Rand took us to see homes that would have a kitchen, our own entrance, and a couple of bedrooms for a growing family. He was even there to help us move. We thank Rand for his help and friendship. "
   - Devin and Brittany Daneals
"I have known Rand Patterson for several decades and consider him one of the most amazing people I've ever met. Over the years he has impressed me with his integrity, his sincere approach, his follow through, and his personal touch. My wife and I have considered selling our house a few times. When the day comes that moving is the right decision for us, Rand Patterson will be the ONLY realtor on our list."
   - Ben McKinnon